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Lyrics & Lines Day 11 – “Captured”

The digital age

Love, you’ve captured me again
Oh God, You steal my heart
And oh when I reach out
You’re always there 

Cause love has come to rescue me
Your love has come to set me free
Your love, love is all I need
Your love

– The Digital Age “Captured”

Once upon a time, there was the David Crowder Band. Then, David Crowder and another guy left the band, leaving the David Crowder-less band. But that sounded like a dumb band name, so they re-banded (pun intended) as The Digital Age. And they made magical, feel-good, Jesus-is-awesome music. “Captured” is the first single from their 2013 debut album “Evening:Morning.”

Also, on a mostly related note – I’ve done a radio interview with lead singer Mark “The Shark” Waldrop, and I give him my stamp of approval; he’s a cool, down-to-earth guy.

Lyrics & Lines Day 10 – “I Need You Now”



I don’t know who you are
Don’t even know your name
I wish we could talk but I don’t have a number to call
So hold your hand up if you hear me,
I’ve been searching but all that I found
Is everywhere that I go, I’m standing alone in the crowd
And I need you now

– Ollie Murs “I Need You Now”

Still on my UK fix…I may or may not have an iTunes music playlist called “I Wish I Was in the UK.” (Ok, I do…). I Recently listened through former UK X-Factor contestant Ollie Murs‘ album “Right Place Right Time.” The album as a whole is up-beat, catchy and slightly sappy. The final track on the album, “I Need You Now,” gets me every time, though. Listen for yourself.

And, in case you don’t know who Ollie is, watch his 2009 audition on UK’s X-Factor. Can you blame me for falling for his cheeky charm…?

Lyrics & Lines Day 9 – “Beauty Queen Interlude”


The term “Happily Ever After” won’t be necessary for this story
Because it’s much better how they embark on new endeavors
But someone’s going to have to give me a good enough reason to watch another love movie
When I’ve been given a Titanic Notebook that speaks of A Walk to Remember
Like this husband, who looks and sees his wife die
Intercedes, and then his wife rise
And now every internet browser shuts down from the connection when he looks into his wife eyes (wi-fi’s)
When you hear “Beauty Queen,” it’s synonymous for the Bride of Christ
When I tell you that she heard music, it was really the good news that Christ sacrificed His life
And now she’s not dead at all 
And as much as I want to insert a punch line, I’m more concerned that you get the reason that He metaphor (met her for)
Cause her, He was never writin’ off
And even with all her rightful flaws He prepared a place for His bride and all
Now you see this Beauty Queen is ridin’ off

– “Beauty Queen Interlude by Los”

Not so long ago, I thought Christian hip hop and rap was in a hopeless place. The lyrics were corny and the quality of production was sub-par. It seemed to me that Christian hip hop (CHH) would never match – much less surpass – “secular” hip hop and rap music.

I’m glad to admit that I couldn’t have been more wrong. Over the past several years (maybe sooner…the CHH scene was around long before I got into it), CHH has grown by leaps and bounds. Like Aslan, it’s “on the move.” In my opinion, CHH is at the strongest place now it’s ever been, and the regular appearances on iTunes, Billboard and other charts goes to prove it.

Back in May of 2014, Serge – one of Rapzilla‘s 2014 Freshman – released his debut solo project “Off Season.” It’s easily been one of my favorite CHH albums of the year. The production quality is top-notch, and the lyrics are impeccable – deep, honest and inspiring. Though the album is available for download on iTunes, it’s also available for free at

The lyrics above are a featured interlude by fellow CHH artist Los. You can listen to the track below, as well as the following full track “Beauty Queen” featuring west coast Humble Beast artist Braille. Both the interlude and the full track are about the Church – the undeserving Bride, or beauty queen, of Christ.


Lyrics & Lines Day 8 – “One”


Tell me that you turned down the man
Who asked for your hand
‘Cause you’re waiting for me
And I know, you’re gonna be away a while
But I’ve got no plans at all to leave

The fact that I’ve featured lines from Ed Sheeran’s new album “Multiply” twice in nearly one week only speaks to how repeat-worthy the album is. As I said before, it brings out the oft-subdued romantic in me. I love that opening verse.

Lyrics & Lines Day 7 – “Brokenness Aside”


Will Your grace run out
If I let You down
‘Cause all I know
Is how to run

‘Cause I am a sinner
If it’s not one thing it’s another
Caught up in words
Tangled in lies
You are the Savior
And You take brokenness aside
And make it beautiful

– All Sons & Daughters “Brokenness Aside”

Lyrics & Lines Day 6 – “Into the Night”


It’s hard to say it’s over
When you keep coming closer
I don’t want this goodbye
But you can’t stay here tonight
So let our hearts be torn out
As we set them down
As the world we had collides
Into the night
For the lovers

– Bo Baskoro “Into the Night”

I discovered Bo Baskoro‘s music recently when I visited Noisetrade for my semi-regular music check-up. If you’ve not heard of Noisetrade before but like music – any music, especially free music – it’s definitely a site to bookmark to your Favorites. Like, now. The concept behind Noisetrade is pretty simple – “Thousands of albums. Completely free. Completely legal.” Like I said – save it to your Favorites tab asap.

Bo just released his first EP titled “Architecture.” Hailing from Portland, Oregon his album is inspired by the roads, bridges, towers and dams of the Pacific Northwest – architecture of journeys long ago. His singer/songwriter style is everything you would expect Portland to sound like.

You can download his EP for free here.

Lyrics & Lines Day 5 – “How Long Will I Love You”


How long will I love you?
As long as stars are above you
And longer, if I can.

– Ellie Goulding “How Long Will I Love You”

“How Long Will I Love You” – as it turns out – is a track originally written and recorded by Scottish rock band The Waterboys in 1990. More recently, it was covered by UK-based artist Ellie Goulding for a short film she featured in and released on the deluxe version of her second studio album Halcyon Days. All I know is, I’m in love with Ellie Goulding’s voice, and I’d be content if hers was the only version of this song I ever heard.

You can watch the music video for Ellie Goulding’s version of “How Long Will I Love You” below, as well as the short film “Tom and Issy” which features the song.

Interesting fact: the short film was filmed entirely on a Nokia Lumia 1020 smart phone.

Lyrics & Lines Day 4 – “Not In That Way”


And I hate to say I love you
When it’s so hard for me
And I hate to say I want you
When you make it so clear
You don’t want me

I’d never ask you cause deep down
I’m certain I know what you’d say
You’d say I’m sorry, believe me
I love you, but not in that way

– Sam Smith “Not in That Way”

I recently discovered another UK-based soul sensation, Sam Smith, and immediately fell in love with his voice. Most of his songs are love songs, and – though not generally a romantic myself – his music stirs up my emotions more so than the generic love-pop tracks on the radio today. “Not in That Way” – though likely sung towards another man (Sam Smith is gay) – is a song I can relate to. The first couple verses especially have rung true several painful times over in my life.

Lyrics & Lines Day 3 – “Slip Away”

To you, my sweetest friend
I betrayed you, I walked away again
Now all that’s left, is what might have been
Please forgive me, before we reach the end

– Josh Garrels “Slip Away”

Feel free to give the music video for “Slip Away” a watch below. And if you like Josh Garrels‘ music, you can download some for free at Noisetrade.

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